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Band Beygairat Brigade

Dhinak Dhinak by Beygairat Brigade | Official Video.
Shot, Edited and Directed by Farhan Adeel
Produced By Madiha Gul

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Song link Youtube Video Link

The song was blocked by PTA on the eve of April 26th. Dhinak Dhinak is a Propaganda about the continued power that the top brass of army enjoys in Pakistan
Beygairat Brigade – or Shameless Brigade – is a Lahore based band. Their songs Dhinak Dhinak focused on “Jernailan da jadu” Its lyrics poke fun at Pakistan military, which eyes Afghanistan as a crucial target, and criticizes the generals for their proxy wars in which thousands of Pakistanis have died

Thank you PTA! The honor of Pak Army & Generals must be kept and maintained!

The video presents two different situations one of which is the ghazal night in which the leading singer is enamored with the modulations of the composition while the other is a Mehndi in which girls are clapping and the boys are dancing. Crap song promoting just homosexuality and in the end the chart message was pathetic. We need to move on with this kind of mentality!! These type of songs are just to demoralize general public from the military.  Proved that they are true Beygairat. Now maligning their armed forces who sacrificed earlier against India and now against Taliban.

- Band Members
Singer/ Vocals, Compositions, Lyrics : Ali Aftab Saeed
Drummer: Daniyal Malik
Guitars: Hamza Malik
Producer: Madiha Gul
(03224394323) (

 Band compromises of 3 members in which only Ali Aftab Saeed is doing lead roll while other two members are in the band just showmen. On the contrary, 15-year-old band member Hamza who is in ninth grade has absolutely no idea what the song means and what he has gotten himself into.

Political music seems to be a growing trend but what about musicians, personal motivations, the commercial viability of this music. Beygairat Brigade, Ali Gul Pir, even Shahzad Roy come to mind along with a number of others who’ve been using social media to exhibit their stuff. Thus, today’s political songs are grittier, satirical and unlike their old counterparts, they are not being sung by heroes, but by anti-heroes.

Ali Aftab Saeed Anti-Pakistan Mentality Exposed !!!!  
below screenshots and related links would be an Eye-Opener for you to understand the real Motive behind Band Beygairat Brigade for creating such video song. The One this jerk is calling as a Revolution, A Change for NEW PAKISTAN.

27-year-old Lead Singer Ali Aftab Saeed said  

Ali Aftab Saeed Facebook Timeline

The communities joined by Ali Aftab Saeed

(4)   Aman ki Asha
I did not find his profile showing any likings for any patriotic Pakistani page or any Islamic page
So One can understand what kind of Change this Beygairat wants to bring in Pakistan

Watch this lead vocalist views about Pakistan, Where he makes Fun of Pakistan ideology and prefer india for reference see below Video

Link => Chaat Masala


One more Shahzad Roy is born to change the country by promoting “Marasiisum”, Noe “Marasir” & “ Kanjars” will try to change the country’s situation. See the link and decides yourself. Article written by Ali Aftab Saeed   


More Indians are following Ali Saeed then any Pakistani and the SAFMA Traitors, Najem sethi, , Nadeem F Paracha, Asma Jahangir, Hamid Mir, Beena Sarwar, Marvi Sirmid are the followers and friends of Ali Saeed.  You can confirm this by checking his Twitter Account


Ali Aftab Saeed parents are Aftab Ali and Monta Bibi
Her mother Monta Bibi is a British Nationality Holder. Their parents have the love marriage. Ali immigrated to the United Kingdom at the age of 10 months with his parents. After giving divorce to Monta Bibi Aftab Ali returned back to Pakistan. Ali Aftab Saeed was 19 years at that time.Ali Aftab Saeed took admission in LUMS. His father Aftab Ali is the owner of a theatre company called Mishermayl. Ali Aftab after completing on his graduation joined his father business where he is now acting as managing director/producer, actor, documentary maker, He is also a columnist.



 At above two Screen Shots taken from the following Link

Ali Aftaab Saeed (Beygairat Brigade) Anti Pakistan Army Mentality is PROVED

Vital Signs released Dil Dil Pakistan, wanting to change Pakistan using music. The song became an anthem for years, the sounds of Vital Signs and Junoon have defined Pakistan’s music industry, and made a mark in all our memories. These are the Music Bands who sung the songs to Present Pakistan. Now you evaluate and decide for yourself who wants change for Pakistan. 

All sorts of media propaganda you see on TV and in Music is just to break the Ideology of Pakistan. Once it is broken their will be no need of Pakistan. So STOP watching and promoting “Marasism’. Be like you Ancestors if you Remember them. 


M Javed Butt




  1. baygarit breigade Seriously u guys need to learn something before showing urself on media that what a bunch of confused losers u are..U blame Mullahs for being ignorant..How are u any better to them???

  2. U know what tum Beygairat K bacho ne apna naam "Beygairat " sahi rakh hai !! India main thora paisa kia kama lia Apnay hi mulk pe toktay ho ! SOB itna Ye Pakistan bura lagta hai to apna bag uthao aur dafa ho jao pakistan se tumhary baap ka nahi ye !!
    Hamay apnay Pak Army aur us se related har idaray se Pyar hai aur rahega tumhary jese khusray Marasi Jinko Shoq hota hai famous honay Ka !! I can say that Hamid Mir agar singer hota to Beygairat Brigade main hi hota ! Go to hell with ur Beygairati !!

    From Pakistani !

  3. Well they named themselves right. Beghairat indeed.

  4. Why we don't criticize the army, generals and their decisions??? They are humans and can make wrong decisions and every true Pakistani has right to be well aware about whats going on and has right to object on every decision which is against the sovereignty of Pakistan.
    I don't know where from this band linked but question is " does the army generals are angels who can't make wrong decisions or they can't be sold out?????