Sunday, 7 April 2013

Saudi king delays crackdown on illegal migrant workers

The Saudi Arabian government suspended for 3 months its crackdown on migrant workers without proper documentation.

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud ordered its Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Labor on Saturday, April 6, to give illegal migrant workers more time to fix their papers.

Saudi has more than 9 million expatriates from countries like Yemen, India, Pakistan and the Philippines, It has already deported over 200,000 foreigners due to documentation problems.

“Thousands of illegal migrant workers in Saudi Arabia without proper documents are overjoyed by this announcement because they can now at least freely move around and seek the embassy’s help in correcting their status. However, 3 months can go by fast, so we hope that our diplomatic posts in Saudi Arabia can be given the resources and personnel needed to help our illegal migrant workers take advantage of the grace period,

Saudi law dictates that migrant workers must be sponsored by their employers. But many switch jobs without transferring their residency papers.
The Saudi government wants to deport illegal workers to put more Saudi nationals into private sector posts.

illegal migrant workers who have lost touch with their original sponsors should seek help from their Embassy  and other diplomatic offices in Saudi Arabia to beat the 3-month grace period.

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