Monday, 22 April 2013

Zaid Hamid Exposition Page BANNED in Pakistan

Zaid Hamid Exposition Facebook page blocked across #Pakistan after Emaad Khalid's exclusive 50 min interview was published. 


As per the statement form ZHE Page CEO & Creator Aamir Saeed

Aamir Saeed

‘’ Our page has been blocked across Pakistan. This comes after we published a document and an exclusive video interview with ex-Media Coordinator & Personal Assistant of Zaid Hamid, Emaad Khalid, where he exposed Zaid Hamid's plan to assassinate General Ashfaq Parvez Kiyani and his role in the murder of Maulana Saeed Ahmad Jalalpuri Shaheed ‘’


  First capital tv blocked due to interview of Emaad Khalid. Then ZHE Page blocked which was giving the wide coverage to 111 Pages document released by Emaad Khalid.

These two points clearly reflect that all the claims/allegations made by Emad Khalid over Zaid Hamid is baseless and are made in content of his extreme jealousy towards Zaid Hamid.

SAFMA sympathizers like Marvi and Ejaz Haider and their other liberal secular ideological terrorists on Capital TV crossed the red line this time. Exploiting an ex-BT team member, they pretended to do the show against Zaid Hamid but in reality, it was a direct attack on army, ISI and army chief creating dangerous perceptions of revolt and rebellion within the army and even abusing the army chief

Emaad khalid has been compromised by SAFMA. ConfirmedSitting with Marvi sarmad at Capital tv.

Capital TV has been taken off air and blocked in Pakistan. It seems that legal action is being taken against the Channel, the participants of the program and Emaad Khalid for insulting the army, ISI and trying to create anarchy in the country. This is the right way to respond.

Complete video program of Emmad Khalid aired on Capital Tv which is blocked in Pakistan.

Zaid Hamid has  given a direct order to all members of BrassTack. Which he release from his Official Website:

‘’NO one will call, abuse, insult or harm Emaad Khalid. Let the law takes its course. We are followers of Rasul Allah (sm) and must show the dignity, character and courage to behave like Momins. All those who respect us must obey us here. Once again, I strongly advice -- No one will break the law to respond to Emaad Khalid or harm or abuse him. He has already humiliated himself and stands fully exposed. We have a duty to do for Pak. Emaad Khalid is not important for us to waste our time on him. He has not just betrayed the mission, he has betrayed the country as well and have insulted, defamed and tried to humiliate dozens of innocent people in his document. Lets march on. Got to war to fight to defend our beloved Pak Sarzameen ‘’

I am not a Pro Zaid Hamid neither Anti Zaid Hamid. I am a journalist. Who evaluates and criticize, on real facts. Both videos have been uploaded in this article and making you the judge to decide. Chose your sides. There are no fence siters now. Either you are on the wrong side or you are on the right side of it. There is NO middle path now.


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