Sunday, 5 May 2013

By the numbers: Facebook in Pakistan

Who would have guessed in 2004 that newly launched social network Facebook would end up with over one billion users across the globe today?

Who could have made the even wilder prediction that 2012 onward, Facebook would be the number one visited website in Pakistan (, outranking the all- mighty Google.

Today, the social networking giant’s growing impact in the country cannot be denied, and by 2015, with greater internet penetration, its influence in all aspects of our lives, from politics to entertainment will be profound.
Possibly revolutionary.

Pakistan stats

Total monthly active Facebook users in Pakistan: 8,648,000 (grew by more than 1,162,040 in the last 6 months)
Facebook penetration of overall country population: 4.69%
Facebook penetration of online population: 29.69%
Position in the global list of countries visiting Facebook: 27

Majority of Pakistani Facebook users are young:
13-17: 1,183,640 people
18-24: 4,275,900 people
25-30: 1,767,800 people
30-40: 1,135,320 people
40 and over: 503,080 people

There are 70% male users and 30% female users in Pakistan:
Male: 6,068,700 people
Female: 2,557,960 people

Top 5 Facebook Brands with Pakistan fans:
1 OLX Pakistan 1,621,693
2 Nokia Pakistan 1,191,454
3 Intel 1,157,929
4 Ufone 1,048,053
5 Zong 810,776

Top 5 Facebook Celebs with Pakistan fans:
1 Akon 1,302,719
2 Shakira 1,219,284
3 Atif Aslam 1,207,911
4 Justin Bieber 963,422
5 Ali Zafar 925,408

Random Fun Facts

Dedicated to console gaming: 547,980 Pakistanis

Big on cooking: 458,200 Pakistanis

Have an interest in dance: 601,960 Pakistanis

Like literature or reading: 1,954,080 Pakistanis

Own old computers: 1,874,220 Pakistanis

Newly wed in the last year: 99,220 Pakistanis

Number of declared parents: 198,080 Pakistanis

Smart phone/tablet users: 1,424,280 Pakistanis

Like fashion: 2,179,280 Pakistanis

Relationship status single: 1,930,500 Pakistanis

Note: Fun facts stats are based on what people have included in their personal timelines.

M Javed Butt

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