Saturday, 11 May 2013

Free Balochistan (Page) Admin Exposed !!!

Free Balochistan (Page) Admin Exposed !!!

Ghuwaram  Baloch aka Verma Shekwant Working for Indian Raw Agency. He learnt his balochi (ttoooti phooti) from Facebook . he is also anti islam. Through this page he is working to Destabilize Balochistan. Posting Fake propaganda against our Pak Army and Pakistan
His Profile Link =>

India is the core element who is trying to Destabilize Balochistan. 
A leading newspaper of Sri Lanka ‘The Daily Mirror’ in its editorial has highly criticized the role Indian Intelligence Agency (RAW) is playing in the regional countries to destabilize them. The editorial has specially referred to Pakistan. It says “among its (RAW’s) most ambitious operations that are currently underway is the move to separate Baluchistan province from Pakistan by supporting Baluchistan Liberation Army by providing arms ,funds and training to the rebels overthere which India shall continue to do till Pakistan gets disintegrated. 

Reportedly Indian intelligence agency RAW’s notorious agent, Chhota Rajan, was present in Balochistan, who hired and trained a number of BLA men, supplied arms, ammunition, mines, grenades, guns and RDX besides Pakistani and US currency in millions

Destabilizing Baluchistan

India wants to separate Balochistan from Pakistan and doing all sorts of propaganda but on Media & Newspapers it denies any involvement in matters of Balochistan.
In today’s article I will provide all evidence which will prove indian involvement in this issue specially in social media such as in twitter and facebook there are a lot of fake baloch ID(s) of Indians which are being used to create rift among hearts of Pakistanis.
All these screenshorts shows the indian involvement in Balochistan and will show their real face to you. Indians forgot that they cannot break Pakistan as Balochs are for Pakistan and Pakistan is for Balochs. No patriotic baloch ever said to break up with Pakistan but in social media you will see a lot. Either these ID(s) are of Indians OR their paid agents living abroad. 
All this propaganda is backed by Indian Cyber Wing of RAW.

(Below Screen Shots) Will be AN EYE OPENER For You !!!!

Screen Shots SouceReal Baloch Vs Fake Baloch


M Javed Butt 



  1. why our army not take action against indian terrorists who are involve in balochistan, i real want these fucker kick out from our beloved country Pakistan..

  2. Great Job "cyberjournalistuk"